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The extent of her natural outrage

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I am SailorZelda, SZ, Andi.... Any variant thereof?

Duchess of Randomness, Group Jester of the Whatever-the-heck-it-is-now-umvirate (fondly nicknamed the Umvirate), Crazy Bitch of the Melee Field, Keeper of the Almost-Triforce (a.k.a. the Triforce of Absurdity), Mistress of Keychains and Strange Jewelry, Tyrantess of Technicalities, the Ridiculous Princess (Sister of the Queen of the Rucki), and self-proclaimed Queen of the Fireplace Utencils. The naming-happy Sarah has named my devious half Squeagol. And they would tell you that I am a ninja of sorts, but as ninjas do not exists...


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Girl gamer, hobby artist and musician, and writer.


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SZ is Raine

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And that's basically it. ^____^
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